Project List

Ashton Construction
GRIC Southside Canal
125,000 yards imported
Sonoqui Wash
250,000 yards of export
Duke Sub Station
48,700 yards of import
Ames Construction
Val Vista I-10 Improvements
175,000 yards imported
Canyon de Chelly National Monument
65,000 tons of ABC
Hunter Construction
ASU Polytechnic Ring Rd.
45,000 tons of ABC 20,000 export
Intermountain West Civil
Riggs Rd. Improvements
65,000 tons ABC
Haydon Building
Continuum Infrastructure
20,000 tons ABC
Achen Gardner
CoC Force Transmission Main
60,000 tons of ABC
Vekol Park
Sand 18,000 tons and ABC 20,000 tons
PCL Civil
Houser Toltec Pump station
ABC & washed ¾ 7000 tons
Signal Peak Contracting
CAC SanTan College
20,000 tons ABC and 10,000 yards import
Knochel Bros.
Sarival Rd. Improvements
16,000 yards dirt. Export millings. 16,400 tons of ABC
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