About Insearch Corp.

In 1992, my parents, Jim and Penny Beito formed Insearch Corporation, which was initially a vending machine business. People ask where the name comes from, dad would place pictures of missing children on the machines, hence 

In March of 1993, my father decided to leave his long-time employer and change the direction of lnsearch. They chose to move into an arena he knew well - transportation of construction materials. Commencement with little to fall back on was concerning. The economy was marginal; he had a pickup, a cell phone, lots of experience, and a strong work ethic, but not much else. However, he exceeded projections by large margins that first year.

So, in turn he reached out to me for additional help. I was still in high school when I began working part-time in the office; after graduation, I was full-time in the field. Within short order, I was proficient in operating various types of equipment, became a Job Foreman, General Superintendent, and eventually moved into the office as Chief Estimator. By 2006, I was promoted to President.

Within the same time, we formed two new companies. First was Galaxy Materials, a recycling company that manufactured an array of spec aggregate products. In the late 90’s lnsearch Corp. owned and operated numerous pieces of equipment; our fleet consisted of belly dump tractor-trailers, water trucks, wheel loaders, track hoes, and a full line of crushing equipment. The second company is Eclipse Corporation, which is responsible for all maintenance of said equipment (and some outside clients). All three companies headquarter from our 3-acre facility in Tempe, Arizona.

As we entered 2008, the economy was on the decline; we had enough backlog to carry us through 2009, but the inevitable was clear. As with many companies, the lack of work forced us to lay off some staff. We were able to retain our core group of senior drivers and management. However, it was time to make some challenging decisions regarding the future of the companies.

We strategically adjusted the equipment to an appropriate level. Then we focused on improving processes, policies, and implemented them into a plan moving forward. Even though the changes we enacted worked like a well-oiled machine, I still felt we could do better. So, in 2016 with our firstborn on the way, Julia, my wife, joined the team. Julia holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and her prior work history was in aerospace. With her vast knowledge as Director of Program Management, she took the lead to upgrade our GPS system, highlighting driver performance, relaying weekly safety memorandums, and streamlined the invoicing process. This, among a multitude of proprietary improvements, has made us stronger than ever!

When the pandemic arose, we were fortunate to be classified as an essential business. As of early 2023, business is still soaring, and I couldn’t be happier with the team we have. I am proud to convey we have management and drivers alike that have been with us for +/-20 years. I am eternally grateful for their belief and dedication to our company. That is the key to our success, our people!

Chad Beito, President


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